Specialist in adressing and adt

Provider of optimized solutions for the graphic industry and anti-diversion traceability.

graphic industry

Our solution for graphic industry

As addressing specialists, Adaje System offers comprehensive and integrated addressing solutions to the graphic industries.

For over 20 years, we have been working alongside key players in routing, national daily press, and regional daily press.

Our unique offering in the market optimizes the production related to the online automatic addressing of posted press subscribers. Our
solution is designed to prevent disruptions and errors arising from the complexity of this production process.

Our clients, equipped with mail insertion machines, require
customization of their mailings from a database while adhering to the order of postal distribution. To meet this demand, we provide them
with a comprehensive addressing solution, including our in-house
designed MESSAJER WIN controller and our state-of-the-art inkjet printers.

Our industrial solutions, specifically developed for the graphic industry, have earned Adaje System unparalleled recognition from major players in the sector such as the press, printers, and routers.

+ 300 of our systems
already installed in France

Our dominant presence in the market attests to the trust bestowed by our clients and our proven expertise in the field of addressing.


Our solution for anti-diversion traceability

Since 2016, we have also been creating high-performance solutions in the field of anti-diversion traceability for the luxury, perfume, and cosmetic sectors.

Anti-Diversion Traceability is a concept that refers to the ability to track and trace the supply chain of a product or goods to prevent any illicit use or diversion of these products.

Thanks to our solutions, companies can monitor their supply chains, detect potential issues, prevent counterfeiting, react promptly in case of problems, and take appropriate corrective actions. This also enhances consumer trust in brands and protects the reputation of companies.