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The solution for adressing

Messajer Win 200

Discover our revolutionary solution to simplify inline addressing and printing additional postal specifications (DT, NPAI, DESTINEO, etc.): the Win 200 Messager. Designed to meet the most demanding business needs, this box offers a full range of integrated functions to optimise your postal operations.

Featuring state-of-the-art computing in the form of a 19″ Industrial PC, the Messager Win 200 is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow. USB and ethernet inputs give you seamless connectivity, so you can easily transfer the data you need.

Messajer win 200 is also…

Convenience is at your fingertips thanks to the integrated keyboard and mouse, accompanied by a 17 colour screen offering a user-friendly, intuitive interface. You’ll also benefit from advanced single-line “Lab” or “Press” software, specially designed to run under Windows®.

Our solution supports the control of 1 to 2 9040 Mailjet 1.4G printers, allowing you to manage your printing needs efficiently and easily.

The Messajer Win 200 software embedded in the box offers a full range of functions.

Change print settings during production for maximum flexibility without process interruption.
Optimise the use of your consumables by minimising waste and maintaining a high level of productivity.
The machine automatically pauses in the case of paper jam or issues with the inkjet, reducing the risk of errors and prolonged downtime.
The detailed history of production starts, stops, and potential defects allows you to analyze and optimize your performance over the long term
Get ready to transform your approach to addressing and marking by using our intelligent box to optimise both quality and efficiency.

The solution for your evolving needs

Messajer Win 520

The messajer win 520 has been meticulously developed for constantly evolving applications requiring great flexibility in addressing, marking and line control. Incorporating a state-of-the-art 19″ industrial PC in a mobile housing, this unit adapts perfectly to your evolving needs.

With its USB and Ethernet ports, this case offers unrivalled connectivity for easy data transfer and management. The integrated keyboard, mouse and 17 colour screen ensure a smooth, intuitive user experience.

The messajer win 520 can be connected to the Manajer Supervisor.

Messajer Win 520 is also…

The software, available in single-line “Lab” or “Press” versions, runs under Windows® and offers advanced features to meet all your needs. With the ability to control from 1 to 4 9040 Mailjet 1.4G printers, you can manage your print jobs efficiently.

The Messajer Win 520 version of the software, an improvement on Messajer Win 200, incorporates all the basic functions and options available. You can adjust production parameters in real time, manage consumables, automatically pause the machine in the event of a fault, and benefit from detailed monitoring to analyse and improve your performance.

Choose versatility and performance to take your business to new heights.

Change print settings during production for maximum flexibility without process interruption.
Optimise the use of your consumables by minimising waste and maintaining a high level of productivity.
The machine automatically pauses in the case of paper jam or issues with the inkjet, reducing the risk of errors and prolonged downtime.
The detailed history of production starts, stops, and potential defects allows you to analyze and optimize your performance over the long term
Get ready to modernise your business. Simplify your processes, maximise efficiency and explore new opportunities with a solution designed to adapt to your changing needs.

The solution for planning and supervision

Superviseur Manajer

Discover the power of the Manajer Supervisor, a PC server station that integrates seamlessly with Messajer line controllers for unrivalled production management.

The Manajer Supervisor is a revolutionary tool designed to meet the essential needs of your business.

Our software secures your production by guaranteeing unique and seamless addressing, for exceptional results and increased customer satisfaction. Choose efficiency, quality and peace of mind with the Manajer Supervisor.

Manajer Supervisor is also…

Accurate planning and preparation: Anticipate and organise your productions with ease. Our solution enables you to prepare and plan each stage of the process efficiently, aligning your resources with your objectives.

Real-time monitoring and instant adaptation: stay at the heart of the action with real-time monitoring of your production. The Manajer Supervisor allows you to dynamically adjust your operations to meet your workload plan and optimise performance.

Reliable and consistent addressing: Offer unrivalled quality by guaranteeing unique and consistent addressing. Avoid errors and duplication with our solution that ensures the integrity of your data throughout the process.

Accurate production reports: Manajer Supervisor simplifies the management of your production reports. Get detailed and accurate reports to assess performance, identify opportunities for improvement and make informed decisions.

Manage multiple titles or editions on different production lines effortlessly. Our scalable solution adapts to your needs, whatever the scale of your operation.
Adapt quickly to changing priorities, thanks to the ability to reorganise routings in line with production adjustments. Stay agile and maintain efficiency.
Access detailed production reports to better understand your operation’s performance. This key data helps you to optimise your processes and achieve your objectives.
Simplify your production management, maximise your potential and reach new heights of success.

The diverted continuous feed printing solution (CIJ)

9040 Mailjet printer

Discover the 9040 Mailjet, the small character inkjet printer that reinvents the perfect balance between performance and flexibility. Part of the 9000 series, it stands out for its ability to adapt optimally to all production environments.

Under the prestigious name of “Mailjet”, this new printer embodies the perfect fusion between the advantages of the new generation 9040 printer and the features that have made the “Mailjet” famous in graphics applications.

The 9040 Mailjet embodies the union of innovation and reliability, for a superior printing experience.

Proven simplicity Thanks to a design similar to its predecessors, the 9040 Mailjet is easy to get to grips with. You can quickly familiarise yourself with its operation and even preview your messages before printing.
The new high-speed marking performance of this printer opens the door to printing Datamatrix codes, logos and much more, all with exceptional quality.

Three pillars that define the 9040 Mailjet. Its robustness and reliability make it the tool of choice for optimum availability, and its low operating cost (TCO*) makes it an economically viable option.
*TCO=Total Cost of Ownership=Coût Total d’Exploitation

A perfect fit, using the same consumables as its predecessors, it integrates seamlessly into your existing machinery. Combined with our Messajer Win addressing controller, it adapts to any production constraints you may encounter.
Don't just print, redefine the standards of what a diverted continuous feed printer can offer with the 9040 Mailjet.

The solution for high-volume encoding operations

SmartDate X65 encoder

The SmartDate X65 encoder has been specially designed for high-speed applications.

It enables you to achieve high coding resolution on flexible packaging films at up to 455 products per minute.

Its intuitive 10.1″ user interface makes day-to-day operations simple and straightforward, while providing crucial information for optimising and improving the overall efficiency ratio (OEE) of your production line using the MI Sigma tool.

SmartDate X65 coder is also…

Higher print speeds: Print speeds can be configured from 10 mm to 1,800 mm per second, enabling coding of up to 455 products per minute at 300 dpi.

No need for preventive maintenance: Robustness is guaranteed by the direct ribbon drive and the absence of wear parts in the cassettes.

All-in-one encoder for maximum flexibility: Choose between intermittent or continuous print modes with a 53mm head, all on the same encoder.

Up to 15% more codes per roll**: Take advantage of a wide selection of ribbons to suit your packaging materials and requirements.

**Compared to competitive models in the same category

Optimised Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) tracking: Configure the encoder to monitor your five most important production indicators directly from the home screen, including the number of products encoded and encoder availability.
To simplify day-to-day tasks, take advantage of animations and guides to help you configure your coder and carry out daily maintenance procedures, ensuring consistent print quality.
The password function, which can be configured according to profile (operator, supervisor, technician), allows you to manage access and minimise human error.
Enjoy an even richer SmartDate experience thanks to high-performance printing, unrivalled reliability and cost-efficiency.

The solution for printing and applying labels

MI 2200

The 2200 Series benefits from the strengths of a range that has proven itself in terms of reliability, efficiency and ease of use, with several thousand units operating 24/7 in demanding environments.

It raises the bar for label printing and application technology with a range of interchangeable applicators, optimised operator intervention and unrivalled application speeds.

MI 2200 is also…

High printing performance:

  • Print and apply capacity of 125 cartons per minute, regardless of data complexity.
  • Dual RISC processors supported by an ultra-fast coprocessor for optimum performance.
  • Accurate application to ±0.25 mm thanks to an optimised label path, automatic tensioning and an integrated sensor in the applicator pad.
  • Use of Markem-Imaje labels and ribbons for guaranteed print quality and printhead durability.

Optimised operations:

  • Quick label and ribbon changeover in less than 40 seconds thanks to a simplified consumables path.
  • Use of 660 m rolls of labels and ribbons (instead of the standard 450 m) to reduce line stoppages by 25%.
  • Synchronised label and ribbon changes.
  • Tool-free print unit and drive roller changeover in less than 60 seconds.
  • CoLOS Terminal®, a new colour touch screen, simplifies label selection and enables optimum data management with an intuitive user interface.

*Optional  **Compared with competing models in the same category

Rock-solid reliability thanks to a robust industrial design with a 38mm-thick central structure and non-stick applicator pad and contact parts for easy use and cleaning.
Over 95% recyclable design, compatible with recyclable label materials. Power consumption of less than 35 watts on standby and 135 watts at maximum speed.
ANSI Grade A and B compliant codes even at high print-to-apply speeds with a barcode reader option to ensure 100% legibility of cartons leaving the factory, as well as the ability to process barcodes, two-dimensional codes, logos and serialisation in real time and at high speed.

The solution that combines high performance and small size

MCX printer

Small and compact, but with a big personality, the MCX printer is a powerful and versatile printing solution.

The MCX printer is ideally suited to the coding requirements of a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, veterinary and construction.

MCX software provides an intuitive, user-friendly design platform.

MCX printer also features…

Automatic ink detection:
The MCX printer is equipped with HSAJET® ink cartridges featuring smart card technology. This enables automatic ink cartridge detection and adjustment. This technology also provides a real-time indication of ink level.

The MCX printer is designed for the whole world: you can create and print text in any language, font or writing system. You can even mix different languages in the same layout. MCX printers allow date formatting according to regional standards, guaranteeing printouts that conform to local customs, wherever you are in the world. The software and controller user interface can be displayed in any language and writing system, and new languages can be added at any time.

Inks for almost every type of material: in our wide range of HSAJET HP45si and HP45ai cartridges you’ll find black, white and various colours for almost every type of material: paper, cardboard, plastic, foil, blister packs, metal, wood, glass, plaster, etc.

Exceptional design freedom: it lets you create, resize, rotate, position and format your print layouts according to your preferences. You can incorporate as much content as you need, and download images in jpg, png and bmp formats for immediate use in the software. Thanks to the automatic rasterisation function, the image is quickly ready for printing. The printer and software are fully Unicode compatible, supporting all languages, fonts and writing systems. Simply import any font into the software and printer, and it’s instantly ready to use.

Equipped with a powerful engine, MCX printers offer high-speed, high-resolution coding and marking with no reduction in performance, whatever the length or content of the layout.
With its 4.3-inch touch screen and user-friendly interface, the printer is simple and intuitive to use. The controller offers a wide range of options for setting up the printer, managing print jobs and carrying out maintenance. Once installed and running, MCX printers require very little maintenance.
The MCX 0.5″ SBS printer is specially designed for continuous, high-volume printing with two cartridges. This makes it easy to maintain and change cartridges while printing. It also supports dual colour and dual resolution printing.
Discover top-of-the-range print quality for marking all types of products, combining exceptional design freedom with high productivity.

The solution for the most versatile printing

Graph Tech USA / EZ INKJET 100

eZ-Inkjet 100 is a Graph Tech printer that integrates easily with our Adaje controller.

Graph-Tech has been developing inkjet printing solutions for over 30 years and offers new DOD inkjet technologies that ensure a high level of print quality and equipment availability. These new inkjet printers have a very competitive operating cost (economical consumables and reduced maintenance).

eZ-Inkjet 100 printer is also…

eZ-Inkjet® is capable of running a wide variety of different ink types on many different substrates, making it not only easy to use and maintain.

The main features of this printer are as follows:

  • Horizontal resolution: 300 to 1200 DPI
  • Vertical resolution: 600 DPI
  • Monochrome drop sizes: 6, 12, 18 pl
  • Print widths in millimetres: 33, 67, 100
  • Print widths in inches: 1.3, 2.6, 3.94
  • Hardened stainless steel inkjet head
  • Ink supply: 1 litre
  • Ink types: UV-curable, oil-, solvent- or water-based
  • Print length 40 (1m), no gaps
  • Data source: GT controller
  • Linear speed: 600 dpi 200 fpm (61 m/min) with 6 pL
  • Linear speed: 300 dpi 400 fpm (120 m/min) with 6 pL
  • Umbilical length: 4 meters

Our products for anti-diversion traceability

The uv-curable printing solution

IM2 printer

The iM2 high-resolution printer is a versatile and cost-effective solution for variable data printing on a range of coated and uncoated substrates.

The iM2 stands out for its ease of use. Printing is ready in five minutes, and jobs can be changed in seconds.

IM2 printer is also…

Numbering: Sequential numbers can be printed almost anywhere on a sheet or form and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The high speed of the iM2 and the clarity of the print ensure perfect numbering in applications such as ticketing, lottery tickets and many others.

High-end capabilities: Higher throughput, lower costs and proven technologies make the IM2 an innovative printer. Its sleek design, easy-to-use interface and reduced maintenance process ensure a short learning curve and rapid implementation of any new installation.

A cost-effective solution: The initial cost of the iM2 is significantly lower than that of other solutions, but it goes beyond the cost of the hardware alone. When reduced maintenance, efficient use of inks and reliability are taken into account, the iM2’s total cost of ownership is low.

This reduction in cost is not accompanied by a reduction in capacity or quality. The iM2 is a high-performance machine, capable of achieving very high throughputs and producing prints of incredible clarity and durability.

Capable of printing addresses, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, numbering, logos and graphics, the iM2 printer is ideal for packaging as well as labels, tickets, security cards, plastic cards and business forms.
As the printhead mounting brackets move between the off-line purge position and the print preparation position, rapid preparation can be achieved effortlessly.
The iM2 supports a resolution of up to 600 dpi, so you can enjoy maximum quality. For all your graphics and mail applications, the IM2 is capable of ultra-fast speeds to meet your productivity targets.

The win 520 messajer optimised for ADT

Controler Adaje for ADT

The Controler Adaje uses an optimised version of the win 520 messajer, which is perfectly suited to the ADT.


Our range of consumables

The solution to complete your essential needs

Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t stop at simply supplying equipment.

We offer a complete range of consumables, from labels and ribbons to inks and additives.


Labels are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials, ensuring the right solution for every application. Likewise, our high-quality ribbons are designed to ensure crisp, durable prints, whether for product labelling, industrial marking or other specific needs.

Inks and additives

We offer a wide range of formulations, each tailored to specific requirements. Whether you need inks for specific applications or additives to improve durability and legibility, we can advise you and supply you with the right products.

Contact us to find out more about our comprehensive range of consumables and how we can help you optimise your labelling and marking operations.

We are proud to distribute products from the most renowned manufacturers in the industry.

Markem-Imaje, HSA, Array Graphics and GTUS are brands synonymous with innovation, reliability and quality. We are confident that you will find the ideal solution for your marking and labelling needs among their products.